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Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj 

Liebherr  repair   Colts neck  New Jersey we provide Liebherr service  the old-fashioned way we actually strive to give you better service.

we understand the Liebherr refrigerator  Liebherr wine cooler  you have cost you a fortune and you  like to keep it running for long time.

Liebherr appliance can run easy 40  years if you provide the maintenance necessary to keep it up and running.

you can take brand-new Liebherr refrigerator or Liebherr wine cooler and destroyed by not provide the necessary maintenance.

simple maintenance like cleaning the condenser coil can save you on repair the time.

how to victim the   condenser coil   will be explained in the next paragraph.

depends on the model sub zero you have  when you getting   display message   such as   service   indicator  between the temperature on the left and the temperature on the right that’s mean did you have a problem on older model is actually show  the message vacuum condenser

if you have sub zero 700 tc   the condenser located on the bottom not like  in sub zero model 600  serious  or sub zero 500  /550  that are older model the condenser located on the top.

this instruction applied only to 700  model such as  700 tc   look like  top refrigerator door and 2  freezer  pullout drawers  on the bottom .

1 you mast  Turn off the machine by pressing the on off button on top usually located on the right side.

2  removal all the food from the freezer  lower drawer  this way you don’t  have to break you back .

3  get Phillips screwdriver if the screws are original you have 4  black screw  on the bottom cake plate removed them.

4  now get the  cake plate push forward  by inserting your finger in the corner or if possible in the slot do not use any sharp metal like wire  screwdriver or anything Damage or scratch the cake plate and whatever behind it.

5 after removing the cake plate you should see the condenser on your right side usually discover by dust  get the vacuum cleaner and set up your attachment to the best  attachment for this job is brush that usually came with the vacuum cleaner.

6  get this brush up and down and make sure your vacuum all the dust out of the condenser unit it’s important to look between the  aluminum fines  that you don’t have any additional dirt between.

7  if you have a can cleaner that blow  it is better to blow it from the front to the rear be careful this can  produce a lot of dust.

you maybe want to cover  you face  while blowing the dust specially in the city or in wooded area you get dust from the tree around springtime and in the -city you get it  all the time from cars.

if you have any question please call us or visit our video links and  technical  information on  njLiebherr sepair also  you can get more information on the Liebherr company

we proud to serve your call us if you have  any question. 732 961 6544

Liebherr Repair Colts Neck Nj