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Sub Zero repair Fort lee NJ

Liebherr repair Fort lee NJ

Liebherr   repair Fort lee NJ

Liebherr repair Fort lee NJ

Liebherr   repair Fort lee NJ

Liebherr repair Fort lee the

Liebherr repair Fort Lee   is the number one  service company in Fort Lee and Bergen County New Jersey.

our  specialty is Liebherr refrigerator  wine cooler and ice maker  our company number one  priority is to serve you  our customer after being  in business  since 1970   we know that in order to get repeated customer and referral we have to do the right  service for the money.

Liebherr repair Fort lee NJ

many of the customer asked us how to repair or avoid problem and mention that they spend tremendous  amount of money to purchase  expensive Liebherr refrigerator  and their experience  problem in the 1st few years.

we find out that most of the problem on a Liebherr refrigerator   trigger  by poor maintenance this is why we like to offer you sub 0 maintenance tips

 Liebherr Maintenance Tips

We will list below  few maintenance steps   that  going to help you keep your Liebherr for years to come

1 Always vacuum the condenser coil many customer asked us how  often we should do this please consult your Liebherr maintenance guide that   you usually get when you purchase your Liebherr if you don’t have it please click on the link  and you can download it from this link  Liebherr .com   will show you on a video how to do  here is a link to the video  we also like to mention that every time you do a service such affecting condenser on a Liebherr  you should follow the safety guidance in your booklet  also don’t forget to turn off the power prior to performing any services on  sub zero   refrigerator.

we have truck available for service in Bergen County and FortLee  free convenience  most of our van equipped with state-of-the-art GPS  so that can get you  in no time.

We also carry the most common parts  prepare your Liebherr  in the same day service.

We know your time is very valuable  and we like to get in and out do the repair as quick as possible.

About the company

Liebherr repair Fort lee NJ  It  is a  family   owned  company we have 2 generation of technician working in the  company  because it’s a family business with respect family value and treat your family like one of us  in a matter of fact  most of our  jobs coming from referrals  and customer like to tell the neighbor about our services you can see it yourself in a testimonial section on this site  where you can get technical tips and more information  of how to do it yourself  and save  money tips .

 if you like us to do the service    we will drive your place  in FortLee  and show you  why a lot of  other customer  refer our name to the neighbor in a time they have Liebherr problems.

 if you have any question feel free to call us anytime and request appointment information and other query.



Liebherr repair Fort lee NJ